Introducing: Aftermath Studios

   After a year of Aftermath Supplies, Devin Lilly and Arielle Avenia are going to try something different. We have been selling as much of our current stock as possible in preparation of converting the 10’x12’ space that we occupy within Silent Barn into a micro sewing and screen printing studio! 

In 2014, Aftermath will offer facilities for screen printing and a sewing workshop. We will be teaching classes and taking custom orders.

What will be available at Aftermath Supplies in 2014?
Screen printing- Shirts, posters, brochures, custom textiles, patches, etc.
Sewing- Garment repair, custom costumes, every day apparel, curtains, pillows, pretty much anything that can be put thru a sewing machine!
Book binding
Classes- Sewing, DIY apparel design, painting, screen printing 101, screen printing methods, BEYOND!!!
Open workshops- book time at the shop to use our equipment and materials we can help or just let you do your thing

Will you still accept donations of art supplies?
Yes! We would be happy to receive them at our Silent Barn location or come pick them up from you (depending on volume and location)

Will you still sell supplies?
Yes, but the range of things we will carry will be more focused. Lots of fabric, trim, and other notions, along with paper, paint, this and that. 

What will you do with the donated art supplies?
Our goal is to keep usable materials out of the waste stream. With this in mind: We will be using your donations for a variety of purposes.  1) We will use donated supplies to facilitate workshops in our space- Open to the public and sliding scale! 2) We will continue to sell limited donated art supplies at thrift-shop prices, just like before 3) Some donated supplies will be placed on our Free Shelf for members and visitors of Silent Barn to take and use as they wish, for no cost.

What materials do you provide to be used during open work shops?
(Sewing) Fabric, elastic, buttons, trim, ribbon, garment bases, cut-up garments to work off of, thread, 2 Singer multi-stitch home machines, 1 home overlock machine. If you need a specific material or thread, it is wise to bring that, as our stock is variable.
(Screen printing) Everything is provided except you will be printing on- Bring your own shirts and paper. If you need a specific color of ink, it is wise to bring that, as our stock is variable.

What materials do you have the most need for?
Right now as we prepare to start building: Sheets of plywood, a wire paper drying rack, and a working laser printer. We always need more paper, screen printing ink, acetate, thread, and blank t-shirts! Any fancy trim, costume items, and paint brushes are also very welcome!

How can I find out about classes and open studio hours?
We will list hours on our Facebook page and website when they are established.

How can I book time to use Aftermath's resources in the future?
email us!